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About Sundarban


Sundarban is the Largest single mangrove froest in the world. This forest has occupied about 10,000 square km. area of India and Bangladesh. In Bangladesh the two-thirds of the ``Sundarban" are situated, which about 6,017 Square kms. This natural forest stands by the side of the Bay of Bengal. The principal trees of this forest are ‘Sundari'. Perhaps this forest is called ``Sundarban" after the name of ‘Sundari' tree. This Sundarban is the land of natural beauty decorated by wonderful of mysterious beautification. Thus the beauty thirsty people come to this unbelievable beauty, Sundarban.

The world famous ‘Royal Bengal Tiger' lives here. Almost 450 canals and rivers of small and large size crisscross it. There are 334 kinds of tree, more than 1,50,000 spotted deer, birds of 270 kinds, reptiles of 35 kinds, wild beasts of 375 kinds and fishes of 220 kinds here. Besides these, Monkey, Hogg, Wild-Cock, Crocodile, Shark, Dolphin and various kinds of Snakes including Python, all these have given beauty to the Sundarban. In this mysterious forest its beauty. The Sundarban tour is possible all the year round, because it changes its beauty in different seasons. However, those highly enjoy full during winter traveling the Sundarban on the river.

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